A list of those who have generously given up their time to speak at our conference since 1951 can be found here, together with notes written by Fred Watson, Secretary 1952-1983. Dr. David Smith, our current President, has compiled the list of more recent speakers (since 1986) which is also contained in this document. To just see speakers since 1986 click here.

The Forum first came into being in 1951 under the title 'The teaching of History in Grammar Schools'.  The annual Conference was the conception of Jean Lindsay of Girton College and Miss M T Rhys H.M.I. and the first one took place in the Prioress´ Room in Jesus College. 

At the fifth meeting, in Sidney Sussex, the name was changed to 'The History Teachers' Forum'.  It was not until the 19th meeting, held in Girton, that the title was amended to 'The Cambridge History Teachers' Forum'. 

In the early years, the Conference was held in different Colleges, including some weekend conferences, but it was held continuously in Girton from 1959 to 2003.  From 2004 to date, Conferences have been held in Selwyn, the College of our current President. 

Originally, it was hoped that that a number of other conferences might be established and there were conferences organised in Birmingham and Oxford.  There may have been others, but whether any of these still exists is not known.  The Forum has always valued its links with the University and our President has always been an academic historian.  Without this input and leadership, it is unlikely that the Forum would have survived and flourished as long as it has.  Each of our seven presidents have been dedicated and long serving, giving the great benefit of continuity and commitment.

Presidents Since 1951

Mrs Jean Lindsay (Girton) 1951 -1960
Professor D H Joslin  (Pembroke)  1960 - 1970
Dr D E D Beales (Sidney Sussex) 1970 - 1978
Dr J Steinberg  (Trinity Hall) 1978 - 1990
Dr S Raban (Trinity Hall) 1990 - 1992
Dr  M Goldie (Churchill) 1992 - 1997
Dr D Smith (Selwyn) 1997 -